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Bilder 2018
Aus dem Bericht von Pastor Muberwa Buchwechwe - die Bilder zeigen das hohe Engagement für den Ausbau des Jugendzentrums: The administration building is constructed by 1st and 2nd year students with their teachers. This helps students to get a real practical training from the foundation of the building to the finishing. We have managed to minimize the expenses of building, because we have used our own tractor for transporting building materials such as stones, sand, concrete and bricks. But als we have used our own builders and labor forces (students) instead of hiring people from outside. This has helped students, who are taking masonry a throughnd building course to get chance to practice from the sketch to the finishing of the building. We have managed to build a permanentwelding workshop at Nyaishozi Center through the support from UEM. We have managed by using our students for building and our tractor with its trailer. This building has a class, one store and one office. All class works and other farm activities have also been done by students as planned.